Thermal Shock Test Chamber - Understand and purchase hot and cold shock test chamber precautions

2018-09-17 17:45:31 1

1. What are the uses of the thermal shock test chamber?

The thermal shock test chamber is suitable for the safety performance test of electronic components to provide reliability test, product screening test, etc. At the same time, through the equipment test, the reliability of the product and the quality control of the product can be improved.

Second, how to choose a thermal shock test chamber?

1. Impact temperature: The impact temperature refers to the maximum temperature range in which the test zone can actually rise and fall. Note that it is not the extreme temperature of the preheating and pre-cooling chambers.

2. Test load: This parameter directly affects how many test items can be placed.

3. Recovery time: refers to the time it takes for the test workpiece to switch from one temperature point to another. Common standards stipulate ≤ 5min.

4, defrost time: the longer the defrost interval, the better. Now some manufacturers can achieve 1000cycles defrosting once, which is very ideal. The shorter the defrost interval, the worse the airtightness of the device!

5, sensor placement: specification requirements, the sensor must be placed inside the test area. Some manufacturers place the sensor inside the air duct. Although it is only 10cm away from the test area, this energy difference is quite large. It does not accurately reflect the temperature change of the surface of the test workpiece.

Third, the purchase of thermal shock test box, after-sales service?

1. The thermal shock test box produced and sold by Zhongtian Instrument is delivered to the door strictly according to the order date, and the technicians are sent to the site for free installation and commissioning. The operator is trained free of charge until the operator can operate independently.

2. The thermal shock test box produced and sold by our company, Zhongtian Instrument will be free of charge for the next year (from the date of installation and acceptance), spare parts and after-sales service for 48 hours in place.

3. After the equipment warranty period expires, if there is any fault in the thermal shock test chamber, after the company is notified, the technician will come to the door and only charge the cost.