Kunshan Kevimeter Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the first Kunshan Economic Development Zone of the top 100 counties with beautiful environment and advanced technology. It is adjacent to the financial capital of Shanghai to the east and Gusu Suzhou to the west.

  Kunshan Kevimeter Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D and technical services of various test instruments for the purpose of realizing one-stop service reorganization for the purpose of customer laboratory overall technical support services and equipment integration.

  The main equipments involved are: high and low temperature alternating heat and humidity test chamber, high and low temperature test chamber, rapid temperature change test chamber, large walk-in laboratory, high temperature aging chamber, drug stability test chamber, temperature and humidity vibration three comprehensive test chamber, three Box type thermal shock test box, two box type thermal shock test box, salt spray test box, dust proof test box, water resistance test box, ultraviolet aging test box, ozone aging test box, precision oven, photovoltaic module test box, non Standard fixtures, etc., are widely used in universities, aviation, aerospace, military, shipbuilding, building materials, electrical, electronics, medical, automobile and motorcycle, etc., to test the performance and function of customers' products under the influence of the environment. Reliability and stability.

  The company has professional technical talents, perfect pre-sales and after-sales service team, and adheres to the integrity and integrity of quality service, and constantly improve the self-strength to create a brand business philosophy; the company's service philosophy is what customers need is what we need to do , to provide a full range of pre-sales consulting and after-sales service; we sincerely welcome everyone to inquire.