Pre-sale service

Provide timely and comprehensive technical and business consulting;

Free visits to customers, professional design of customer requirements;

Sale service

Provide complete technical information (using maintenance manuals, relevant national standards, etc.);

Professional engineers come to the door to carry out free installation and commissioning of the equipment, and train more than 2 people to learn to use.

After sales service

Regularly return visits, listen to customer suggestions, and establish customer service files;

Provide free lifetime technical support and use guidance services, you can call our company service number 0512-57761233, or send the difficulty to our service mailbox, our company will be with you as soon as possible contact;

Our company promises that we will respond to customers' calls within one hour and need to send technical service personnel to solve the problem on site. We promise to send personnel within 24 hours (except for special circumstances such as statutory holidays).